Peg Perego Prima Classe Paloma Collection

Early Preview: Peg Perego ‘Prima Classe’ Paloma Collection


While in Vegas earlier this month I had the chance to preview Peg Perego’s new line called the ‘Prima Classe’ Paloma.

Each product is made of a luxurious material that feels just like leather. I would NEVER have chosen such a light soft colour for a highchair knowing how kids eat, but the rep assured me that the fabric had been tested to withstand daily wear and food/ beverage beatings.

The car seat is part of the Primo Viaggioo sip line. The safety features that Peg Perego has added to their line of car seats is impressive.

  • Each seat is designed to carry infants weighing 5lbs to 30lbs or 30 inches.
  • The five-point safety belt and side impact protection wings can be moved as a single unit to 5 positions protecting baby’s head and body from all angles.
  • The adjustable base uses a system that makes installing it properly much easier.
  • When a base is not available the seat can be easily secured with the vehicle’s seat belt.

This highchair is deceiving. It folds up quite nicely to fit into the corner of any room plus it reclines to accommodate small babies in the earlier stage of feeding.

No prices are available, this collection is not yet on the market. I will keep you updated on pricing and launch dates.

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  • Hi, I was just wondering what you thought of the Paloma fabric. How different is it in feel to the other 30/30 fabrics? Is the color more of a tan or off-white? Do you think a spring/summer baby would get hot with the black SIP wings?


  • The fabric is VERY soft and apparently quite durable. The color was an ivory.

    We have the 30/30 that goes with the Skate in bubbles black. The material is different than that of the Skate, but still cool for the summer. I always worry about leather or in this case microfiber in the Summer because it tends to heat up if left outside. Because the infant carrier is usually not left in the car when you are out – it should be OK.

    Our always has a baby in it or it is stored in the air-conditioned house…

    Good luck! Peg Perego definitely has a superior product over the competition because of the weight and height allowances.

    The only other infant seat in this weight class is the Key Fit 30 by Chicco.

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