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Eco Awareness: Baby Products Made From Recycled P.E.T Material

In recognition of Earth Day, we have found some products that use recycled P.E.T materials in order to help reduce the waste in our landfills.

Approximately 31% of plastic bottles produced in the United States are made from a material called PolyEthylene Terephtalate, “PET” or “PETE.” Usually clear or green, the plastic is mostly used for consumer goods such as soda bottles and food jars. According to the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR), in 2005 United States manufacturers produced 5.075 billion pounds of PET products. Such a high production rate makes finding uses for post-consumer plastics imperative. If the current rate of manufacturing and consumer recycling remains, 40 billion pounds of PET waste will be added to our landfills within only a decade.

In the late 1970s, only a few years after PET entered the United States marketplace, forward-thinking companies started to transform recycled PET into many useful products like new bottles and fiber for carpet and other textiles. By the late 1990s many other companies were using 1/2 billion pounds of recycled PET per year by creating products like blankets, belts, shoes, insulation, and even car parts.

Some baby product manufacturers have stepped up and started creating products from recycled P.E.T material.

  • Fleurville has a line called ‘re-run’
  • Jeep has their ‘g edition
  • Diaper Dude has a eco-friendly line

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