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Elizabeth Banks & Her Family Shop At The Market

Elizabeth Banks took some time off from promoting her new movie, What To Expect When You Are Expecting, to spend time with her husband Max Handelman and son Felix at the Farmer’s Market in LA

The couple were spotted strolling the isles of the market sipping Starbucks, while Felix sat back in the stroller and enjoyed the sights.

While promoting her new movie Elizabeth talked about her struggles to conceive and why they chose to go with a surrogate.

“When I was going through my battle with infertility, I got wonderful advice, which was: Why are you so worried about the pregnancy? Just get the baby whatever way you can get your baby,” she said.

“Pregnant women would say, `Yeah, pregnancy is really great and lovely, but then you go to the hospital and they give you your baby and you have to mother it.’ That’s the part that’s important, mothering the baby, and at the end of the day, that’s what this movie is about.”

In the film Elizabeth plays a perky lactation consultant and pregnancy expert whos childbearing experience is not going well.

While filming the actress wore a fake tummy, which gave her an idea of how uncomfortable it is to be pregnant.

“It’s an approximation of the physicality you have as a pregnant person,” she said. “It makes you walk differently and sit differently, eat differently, and it provides a wonderful shelf for your coffee mug. And it’s heavy, so your back aches, so it’s a wonderful approximation.”

Now on a break from 30 Rock, Elizabeth will have the Summer to hang out with her family!

Felix rides in a Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller.



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