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Elsa Pataky Juggles Her Babes At The Park

Mom on-the-go! Elsa Pataky was photographed juggling her kids while out for a park play in Malibu on Wednesday.

Elsa Pataky juggles her daughter India Hemsworth and twin son at the park

The mom of three enlisted the help of some friends to keep an eye on her kids as they climbed on the jungle gym and played in the sand.

Elsa Pataky at the Park with her daughter India Hemsworth and twin son

Elsa and her husband Chris Hemsworth have been on the move for most of this year while he works on 5 different projects.

On her blog, Elsa Confidential, she shared some of her best tips for travelling parents.

” If I’m flying in the afternoon, the children are probably going to be quite tired. After checking in and going through security, I let them run around the airport before boarding. It makes it Easier and the wait They Also Their use up energy. And I board last, even though MOST companies give priority to families with children, so They Have to spend as little time as possible on the plane. Otherwise They get bored while everyone boards the plane and Takes Off. Even so, They will look around and walk up and down the aisle. On the plane it’s the other passengers Who Will probably get tired! After a bit I entertain them on Their seats. It’s Easier with India Because You Can Explain things to her, but With the boys … I try to stop them from Being a bother but They are boys!


“Do not forget to bring your favorite teddy sleep. Sasha has a large bear that is quite uncomfortable to wear, but it’s their favorite. Use it as a pillow. And Tristan a small dog, very soft, which gets under his arm.”

A pro at travelling, the busy mom has a lot of great advice for parents planning a trip including items to pack in your bag, the best time to fly and ways to keep your kid occupied on the plane!



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