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Etsy Retailer Profile: LaDy LaDuke

When I was nursing my son I was always looking for a great cover-up that would allow me to be able to nurse easily while not showing everyone around me parts of myself that I’d rather keep private.

LaDy LaDuke is a great shop that focuses on feeding frocks and nursing covers that offer full-mobile coverage.  They have over 25 unique feeder frock baby nursing cover styles to choose from in a variety of fabrics and color choices.

What mother doesn’t want to feel fashionable why nursing their child?  The Feeder Frock is the only nursing cover that allows moms to stand or move while nursing. Which is so important because most of us are busy mamas! Most nursing covers I have seen are extremely unattractive and who wants to feel unattractive after being pregnant for 9 months?

The Feeder Frock not only covers the front of you, but the back too! That’s great if you need to lift up your whole shirt or if you’re walking and nursing. I love it! Other great features:

  • Two separate panels of fabric for improved air flow – easier to move your arms and less sweating!
  • Front, back AND sides of you are covered
  • Ties to help hold the frock in place
  • Pockets to hold pacifier, burp cloth or anything!
  • The neckline bends as you need it – shaped flat for more coverage or open to see your nursing baby

I personally love the Nouveau Nursing Cover in particular the LaDys Nouveau Nursing Cover Maxi Dress.  Looking great while still having the ability to nurse is wonderful!  I had a few occasions while I was nursing where I was looking for a dress that was cute but still gave me the ability to nurse and I found that my options were limited.  I wish that I had found LaDy LaDuke then.

Looking for the traditional front nursing cover?  They carry those two.  The Front Frock measures approximately 28″ long from the shoulder and 39″ wide…Wider than the Usual Nursing Cover.

Another item we love is the Little Artist Cover Up/Doll & Toy Carrier. These little artist aprons protect your kid’s clothes from those messy art projects plus they have great pockets to carry dolls, toys, etc.

Whether your plus size, looking for something for your little one, or looking for that great shower gift you’re sure to find a beautiful nursing cover by LaDy LaDuke.

GIVEAWAY: LaDy LaDuke is offering ONE Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to win one of their great nursing covers!


Congratulations to our winner: Kirby



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