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Eva Herzigova Talks About Her Pregnancy

Seven months pregnant with her first child (the father is her Italian entrepreneur boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj), Eva Herzigova, 34, tells the UK’s The Sunday Times: “I’m just so happy. I want to be pregnant for the next 10 years.”

Pregnancy has changed her life, says the model, who is the face of Gap’s maternity line.

“I feel so powerful. You have no idea. But it’s an inner power. You are so content with just being. That’s how it is. I feel so confident about my body. I feel so potent. You feel like you have your mission, and it’s empowering.”

Herzigova announced her pregnancy with a Demi-Moore-style appearance โ€“ semi-nude โ€“ on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair.

“Many times women disappear when they become pregnant,” says Herzigova, 34. “They start to hide and feel like they don’t want to be seen. I think that’s wrong.”

During her pregnancy so far Herzigova says she has put on nearly 25 lbs., thanks to her new cravings.

“I have developed a taste for sweets,” she says. “I never liked chocolate before.”

The weight gain hasn’t made her give up miniskirts.

“I haven’t gained weight in my legs, so I show them off,” she says. But she has had to ditch the heels. “Before, I could run in high heels,” she says. “I never had problems. But suddenly your balance changes. I keep falling off them.”

The mom-to-be says she’s focused on doing everything for her baby: “I’m not thinking, ‘Oh, I’m getting fat.'” Nor does she have plans to whip herself back into her skinny jeans.

“I’m not thinking about getting back into shape,” she says. “I just want to enjoy this. I’m not like one of those celebrity people who would die to get back into shape. If people want to take pictures of me being round, they will take pictures of me being round. I think it’s important to show your true self and how you are โ€“ you don’t have to be in perfect shape or skinny shape.”

Nor does she have any plans to marry Marsiaj. “I told Greg I’d marry him for the children, one day. But for me, our love is written in my heart. I don’t need to have it on a piece of paper.”



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