Every Mother Counts – An Organization We Should All Support

Every minute, of every day, there is one death due to pregnancy and childbirth complications. That means hundreds of thousands of women die each year due to reproductive health issues. Those deaths are the cause behind Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization working to improve the lives of women worldwide.

Worldwide, 15 percent of all pregnancies will face life-threatening complications at some point. For mothers who have little to no access to health care, this can be fatal. Those who have no access to emergency care when these complications arise, risk their lives, their children’s lives, and the survival of any older children they may already have. Many of these women are still young girls, facing complications due to their bodies not being mature enough to carry and birth a child.

The partners at Every Mother Counts, believes that change begins with each of us. Those of us who were lucky to be born into better conditions, can help provide care for the women who have not been so fortunate. More than just health care, providing education and access to contraceptives can reduce the maternal death rates significantly. Women who are able to choose when they will have children have far better survival rates. Not only for them, but also for their children.

Every Mother Counts calls it the 5 Barriers to Care. By providing access to quality health care, emergency services, postpartum care, strengthening the systems of care, and providing family planning education, the maternal and infant mortality rates could decrease greatly. The quality of life of women, and families could increase. And poverty levels could go down. When mothers are given care and support, the entire families benefit.

There are many ways that people can help support the women helped by Every Mother Counts. Donating money, supplies, time, energy, or simply signing the petition to improve policies that will affect these mothers are all ways that anyone can lend a hand. Each minute, of each day, another mother dies. Though we may never see them, meet them, or know their names, they are still mothers who lives were cut too short due to preventable complications. Every mother counts. – Summer, staff writer

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