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Fame Hasn’t Changed The Gosselins

Even though she had 8 babies in three years, has a television show viewed by 3 million people each week and a best-selling book, Kate Gosselin – mother of twins and sextuplets – insists she is the same person she always was.

“We are the same people and have not changed within ourselves, but our situation in everyday life has changed,” the busy mom recently revealed.

“The fact that we cannot go anywhere without being surrounded by fans — that part is difficult for me and always will be. I am finding, though, that with the release of our first book I am enjoying signing it and seeing the joy on people’s faces as they talk about it,” she continues.

Jon and Kate Gosselins are parents of twins Mady and Cara, 8, and sextuplets Collin, Leah, Joel, Hannah, Aaden and Alexis, 4. The Pennsylvania family became household names through the top-rated TLC show “Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht,” which airs new episodes at 9 p.m. Mondays.

During a recent interview Kate spoke about her new book Multiple Blessings, which talks of her dramatic pregnancy, long hospital stay and the joy and chaos of bringing the babies home.

“Reliving the very difficult experiences in our lives was difficult when writing the book. But I now know without a doubt that God loves us and will always provide for us. We just need to let go of our control and allow God to have control.”

“Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht” truly is a reality show. The cameras reveal the chaos of their home, but also the loving, caring and organized environment the couple create.

“Jon is as elated that our story is in print for our children, as am I. He looks at our show as our job, and it has its goods and bads, the same as with any job,” Kate continues

“We are really blessed, because the show allows us to both work from home and at least one parent is here with our kids all the time.”

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  • I hate to say this, but Kate has totally changed 100% since the very 1st show. She has alienated her family and friends and money is the main driving force behind what she is doing. Yes, it would take a lot to raise 8 kids (why did Jon quit a great job?), but there are tons of others doing it without freebies (free new house, nannies, housekeepers, chefs too). And the book she wrote…she didn’t write it…Beth Carson wrote it, and Kate & Jon lived it. Beth finally did an interview about it (I don’t have the link, but you can google it). Sorry, but there is just something not right about what’s going on here.

  • I could not agree more. TLC just recently purchased a 1.3 million dollar home for the Gosselins to live in…I find that this show is becoming a sick twisted version of the Truman Show.

  • I agree. Kate has changed BIG time. On the first specials, she was a harried mother of 8 very young children who barely had time to shower. Now, she’s all dolled up, goes to the spa and has more help than the average woman could ever dream of. I don’t like that she got all this off the backs of her children. If she’s going to be honest, admit that life has changed and become much, much more comfortable for them, but no..she has to continue the “poor me, my life is so tough” mantra. I don’t understand the people who defend her and I’m sick of hearing “She has EIGHT kids!”. So what? It’s tough, but deal with it…thousands of other do with a LOT less money and help!

  • Absolutely!! This is just another interview for “damage control”. Covering her tracks (lies) so she is portrayed as a “poor EXHAUSTED mother of 8”. Gag….

  • I think Jon and Kate are wonderful people. Yes, the TV show gives them a lot of money, BIG DEAL! I have five kids and no money, I’m wore out at 41. You seem to forget that by doing the TV show, they can spend time with thier kids and bond, not just feed, bath, do homework and throw them in bed! The people posting these negitive comments have never given eight baths a day for years and years. They should take all the FREEBIES they get, and Jon should of quit his job to spend more time with the kids. Parents and love are what the kids NEED and if having a camera follow them around provides this for them and the kids, That’s Wonderful!!!! God really seems to Bless this Family over and over. If you don’t agree with Kate and Jon, it’s very rude behavior to write such hurtful things. You don’t have to watch their show or buy their book.
    Would you like someone to come into your life and give you their negitive opions about what kind of person and parent you are? After you attacked Kate like that, I’m sure a nasty jealous person could find lots of hurtful things to say about you, but it’s not right. People need to be supportive or keep their comments to themselves. Why would you want to hurt Kate?

  • If everything’s so peachy-keen, why are Jon and Kate the only two people smiling in the photo above? Could it be that they’re the only two happy about their lives?
    I don’t think anyone wants to hurt Kate – but the children should be the priority.

    I really get the impression that things have changed DRASTICALLY for this family and while I wish them all the best – maybe the parents should look at the impact all this is having on their kids.

  • Kate Gosselin is nothing but a greedy, oppurtunistic whore! Just 3 years ago she was bitching because the state of Pennsylvania wouldn’t pay for a nurse for a second year. Then this retarded show came along, and the only positive thing I see coming from it is now private enterprise is footing their bills. They both make me sick! I’d like to be a fly on the wall the first time one of the kids notices that Mommy doesn’t look like everyone else!!!

  • WOW some people lower themselves SOOOO much to call Kate a WH***E. (YOU KISS YOUR MOTHER WITH THAT MOUTH) There’s no proof of that, so I can on assume someone’s JEALOUS. Why else would strangers bash them. It must be so nice to be so perfect that you have so much time to talk about other people. SO I’m assuming the person who called Kate a WH**E was there with her watching her WH**E around so that is why you commented about it. You know first hand that Kate does this. Well I do NOT believe Kate is a WH**E. And before sayign things like other people are paying for there life you should have proof, cause with out proof you look like a JEALOUS, person who wants things handed to them for no reason. I guess Jon making $15.00 an hours somewhere and the family being on Public assistance would make all the BIT*HERS happy. Will people ever learn to change a channel? MILLIONS of people love this show and watch it every week, and it makes us happy. And if watching a real family live their real lives is “retarted” well I’m glad to be a retarted person who watches the shows I love and turn off the ones I dislike (Daisy of Love, LA Ink etc) I don’t bash them, I just do not watch them. American’s need to turn all the millions of hours the spend complaining and investing it in their families and friends. If you do not watch, they won’t get the ratings and the show will cancel. Looks like everyone watches. How would you have anything to complain about if you didn’t watch? And if they did not buy the house for them selves I wish someone would publish the proof… people please .. People need to be supportive or keep their comments to themselves.

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