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Family Devastated After Thieves Steal Their Infant’s Ashes

A family is dealing with the loss of their premature baby again, after thieves broke into their home and stole the cremated remains of a child they lost 7 years ago.

Most likely mistaking the box for an item containing jewelry or something of cash value, heartless thieves took the remains of Susan Onyeobia’s infant who died shortly after her premature birth. Seven years ago, the premature birth of the little girl was followed by her cremation and her remains have been their only sacred link to the child. The family was not home at the time of the burglary but it has left them with more than a sense of personal violation as they must now deal with the loss of their child again, just in a different way.

Despite objections from the police who have no clues in the case, Susan has offered a “no questions asked” return of her daughter’s remains. She still has faith in mankind and believes the world still has “good” people in it.

Until then, Susan and her husband will try to remain strong for their other children, with whom they are sharing their bed because they no longer feel safe.

I hope that these thieves do the right thing and send the remains back to this couple. Losing a child is bad enough without losing the only lasting connection you have to them. SOURCE


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