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Family Dog Credited With Saving Lost Toddler

Last week the world was surprised after rescuers found 3 year-old Joshua Childers after he spent two days and nights barely clothed in the wet, chilly woods of Mark Twain National Forest.


Doctors now believe that the family’s 120lb Great Pyrenees dog helped keep the boy safe and warm.

“One of our initial concerns was how could a 35-pound child could stay alive in forty degree weather in the rain for two nights and three days,” said Steven Crawford, Childer’s doctor. “That may be the answer, and he was telling about being with the dog at night.”

Joshua told his parents he drank water from a creek as he slept in the Forest, which home to, among other things bears, mountain lions and snakes.

Than family dog also disappeared about the same time and Joshua talked about being with the dog.

And that dog did a great job of saving the toddler. Despite being slightly dehydrated, covered in scratches and bug bites, Joshua is now at home safe and sound!


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  • What would this world be without dogs?! A much, much worse place than it is already! Dogs are such a wonderful amazing gift given to us by God! Where would we all be without them, without their loyalty, their love, their smarts, their will to make us happy and their courage to help us when we need help!! Dogs are more brave then the supposed “bravest” human, dogs are the real hero’s of our world!
    Everyone who has a dog, you should treat them extra special, because you’ll never know when you need him/her to save you or your child’s life!!
    Dogs rule!!

  • This is the breed of dog that we have and there is no doubt that a Pyrenees would save a child’s life. They are herder dogs and will lay in the field next to a newborn goat or sheep and protect them from the wolves or coyotes. In fact, their coat grows so thick with dreads and matts to protect them from any bites from attacking animals. My Pyrenees will let any child ride on her, hug her or pet her. She loves children.

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