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Family Dog Snatches Newborn From Crib, Leaves Him In The Woods

A newborn baby that had just come home suffered cuts and puncture wounds yesterday after a family dog snatched it from a crib and apparently took it into the woods.

Officials did not release the name of the infant or his parents, but said the 3-day-old boy was in intensive care at University of Kentucky Hospital.

The infant, who was taken home Sunday, was in a crib when a Native American Indian dog took the baby into its mouth “like a toy or a small pup,” Deputy Sheriff Anthony Purcell said.

The father saw the dog in the yard with the baby, but the dog ran into some woods. It later came out of the woods with nothing in its mouth. Hearing the infant crying, the father found the baby about 150 yards into the woods, with cuts and puncture wounds to his torso and face.

“The dog had a history of grabbing things off counters and hiding things,” Mr. Purcell said. The dog was slightly larger than a collie.

Animal Control took the dog but it has not been destroyed. The family has two Native American Indian dogs and a Labrador.

According to dogbreedinfo.com,

The Native American Indian Dog’s intelligence level is extremely high. Highly trainable and eager to please their human companions. They are loyal and protective of their families. Socialize well to avoid them being shy with strangers, but are totally dedicated to their human owners. Native American Indian Dog’s are sensitive animals that do well with firm authority, but not harshness. They are very good with children and other animals, including other dogs, household pets as well as livestock.

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  • First, I am so sad over the infants injuries and pray for his recovery. I understand that dogs are protective of almost all breeds of what is theirs. I would like to add that there is no way it can be stated that it is a “Native American Indian” Dog or does it have its pedigree as such as American Indians MUST HAVE to prove that they are Indian? Also it states in your article that the FAMILY DOG was known for taking and hiding things AND I might add that I do not think that I would have even considered allowing a NEWBORN and the pet in the same room after ONLY three days home until I KNEW that it was ok.
    I am NOT BLAMING the parents here, just simply don’t understand when it is that as a society we begin to take our own faults as ours and not give the blame to everyone else.
    Please, if the dog is going to be PUT DOWN I think it is called, email me I will take it, I have my INDIAN PEDIGREE.

  • The dog doesn’t sound malicious to me or it would have killed the baby. I think he was treating the baby as if it was his own pup, carrying it around. The article states that this breed is very protective and intelligent. My own dog is a herder and protects the young of the herd. I don’t think this dog should be put down, you aren’t supposed to leave babies alone much less alone with an animal– dog or cat.

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