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Father Forced To Deliver Baby On Hospital Floor

The day your baby arrives is supposed to be an unforgettable day, one that your family will think of fondly for years to come.

Mark Lambert will only remember that he was forced to deliver his wife’s baby himself, as calls for help at Liverpool Hospital were ignored.

A doctor didn’t even arrive for 10 minutes

“The people behind the desk were allegedly ringing the birthing centre, saying there was a pregnant woman down in reception, and they’re saying, ‘Send her up,'” Mr Lambert told the radio station.

I could see this happening. While pregnant with my son, I visited the hospital to be checked out for complications and was forced to sit on a bed in the hallway. I think the nurse forgot about me because she looked surprised to see me still lying there 2 hours later.

No details were given on the health or sex of the baby.



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