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Feature Review: phil&teds metro Backpack Carrier

With a mission to “change parenting on the go”, phil&teds has designed the metro backpack carrier for every parent.  Whether using the metro in an urban setting (say fighting the crowds at your favorite shop) or in the outdoors (hiking perhaps) the metro is sure to meet your needs.

phil&teds Metro Carrier

The metro is designed so you can get out & about with your child. The fully adjustable harness gives you loads of support & comfort; your child has their own adjustable padded harness & loads of storage.  With a lightweight and tough aluminum frame and durable, waterproof, washable nylon fabric, the Metro makes it possible to take your tyke anywhere that you can go.

phil & teds metro diagram

Out of the box the metro is ready to go – the only “assembly” would be to attach the hood & visor shade if you want.  I personally didn’t have it attached all the time because my son likes to have the breeze and full visibility of all that’s around him.  That being said you could easily leave it on if you want to.  A bonus with the hood and visor shade is that when not attached to the carrier they fold up easily and can be stored inside the internal compartment of the main carrier pocket.

It’s very easy to put the metro on, as it features a self-standing fold-out base so that you can easily secure your child on the seat before putting it onto your back.

There are a few key things that I adore about the metro:

  • It’s size!  Not only is it a slim profile that makes it ideal for crowded spaces as well as enjoying nature, but the lightweight aluminum frame {4.4lbs}  holds plenty of gear along with baby.  Plus when folded the frame is so small that it doesn’t take up excess space when not in use.

phil and teds metro (2)

  • Custom-fit – for all!  My beef with many baby carriers is that while they seem to fit my hubby well I have trouble adjusting the straps to make the carrier comfortable for me.  Either the straps aren’t in the right place to provide the required support or they don’t tighten enough.  With the metro I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I’ve been able to adjust it to suit my needs – plus my hubby, sister and father have all used the metro with my son and we’ve all found it a perfect fit.  The hip belt (for better lumbar support), shoulder straps, top and lower stabilizing straps (to match your torso length) and chest strap are all adjustable making sure that you can find the most comfortable fit for you.  Even baby’s seat height is adjustable for grow-with-me comfort.
  • Accessories!  I love that the hood/visor and rain shield are included and can easily be stored in the carrier.  I also love that it comes with its own change pad included and ample storage for my essentials.  When going out with the metro I’ve been able to take everything I need right in the carrier so I haven’t had to worry about lugging a diaper bag around.  The main pocket in the back is big enough to store wipes, diapers, your wallet, some snacks and more.  You can even store a drink for you and baby in the side pockets.

phil&teds Metro Carrier

The Metro is also supremely comfortable for you and for your baby even on long excursions.  It comes with firm padded shoulder straps and ventilating mesh back pads for you and a super soft and adjustable child seat for the little one that makes it one of the most comfortable carriers we have tried.

I have a number of baby carriers and to date have certain ones that use for specific things i.e. One I keep in my car for day trips in town, another I always take on vacations, then I have some that I use in specific weather (ie. One with a great sun/rain cover for the crappy weather, a breathable one for those hot/ humid days).  Having used the metro in a number of conditions now, this may be my new “go-to carrier”.  I think it would be perfect for almost anything that I’d want to use it for.  Versatile enough that I can use it in the shops or at a festival and small enough that I can put it in an airplane storage compartment.

phil and teds metro (4)

Available in three color combinations (grey/orange, grey/red & grey/grey) this phil&teds metro backpack carrier is more comfortable and compact than many others, is designed for children 3 months – 3 years (16-40lbs), is lightweight and very functional…and at $179.99 an outstanding value, too.

Features of the Metro Backpack Carrier
•    Lightweight and tough aluminum frame
•    Ample cargo space
•    Folds flat for easy storage
•    Self-standing stable base for safe loading and unloading
•    Change sheet for clean tushies on the go
•    Compact, sleek design for managing crowds and tight spaces
•    Padded and adjustable child harness
•    Dimensions: Unfolded 27.6″ x 12.6″ x 16.5″/Folded 27.6″ x 12.6″ x 4.7″
•    U.S. and European safety certified

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