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Guzzie + Guss 042 Stroller

G + G 042 We are very happy to introduce you to, Canadian stroller company, Guzzie+Guss. They have prided themselves on uncompromising quality and functionality without sacrificing price. They have worked closely with consumers on get their feedback on what they’d like to see in the perfect stroller while also working directly with leading designers and manufacturers from around the world to perfect their stroller line.

We recently had the opportunity to try out the G+G 042 which was voted one of the best single strollers by the Canadian Family.


The model that we received to test came assembled, so we aren’t able to comment on the ease of assembly. However, I can tell you that out of the box, the stroller only comes with 8 pieces; the stroller chassis, rear & front wheels, storage basket, child lap bar, canopy, the bassinet, and the bassinet apron. I did get a demo of the wheel installation and it’s very easy – both the rear and front wheels simply click into the chassis. After 7 simple steps, you’re ready to start strolling.

Getting started:

Opening the frame is very easy; simply push the button on the side of the chassis while lifting on the handle until the stroller is locked into the upright position. From there you can either insert the bassinet or the stroller seat onto the chassis frame. Once you hear a “click” you can be assured that they are installed properly and locked into place.


The G+G 042 has A LOT of features! So many so that while writing this review I was concerned that I might forget or leave something out by accident. I encourage you to follow the instruction manual to make sure you are using this stroller out to its full capacity and you’re taking advantage of all the great features.

G+G042 Car Seat From birth the G+G 042 can be used with an infant seat as a travel system or as a bassinet for parents who prefer a more comfortable position for their sleeping baby. Guzzie+Guss sells a universal infant seat adapter which is great for moving your newborns from the car to the stroller without waking them. One of the best things about this car seat adapter is that it is universal so it will accept any infant seat.

The G+G 042 stroller has an efficient design that allows the seat to be converted to a bassinet, which is great for newborns, as well as reclining seat (making this stroller great value for the money). I love this because you really only use a bassinet when your infant is young and doesn’t have the ability to sit up. With other systems, once your child has outgrown the bassinet, you then have to find storage for it (which isn’t always easy). With this system once you’re done with the bassinet you simply convert the frame to the toddler seat and you can store the material used to form the bassinet in a drawer – significant space saver!

GuzzieandGuss042 Bassinet GuzzieandGuss042 recline

GuzzieandGuss042 5 point The stroller seat is designed to hold a child up to 56 lbs. and includes an adjustable 5-point harness that grows with your little one. The seat is reversible and can be reclined to three different positions; up-right, semi-reclined, and fully flat. To adjust the seat you do have to use two hands. There are two “triggers” found under the front child bar that once squeezed you can pivot the seat up or down to the desired position. I prefer a one handed recline for ease – plus I find that I’m able to adjust the seat more smoothly with a single hand rather than with two, ensuring that I don’t wake my son if he’s fallen asleep.

To accommodate a growing child the seat’s footrest can be adjusted by simply pushing two buttons on either side and moving it to the desired position.

Not only does the G+G 042 have a reversible seat, but also has a reversible handle for endless walking configurations. The telescoping handle creates a comfortable walking position for parents of all heights and the on-handle brake control is a distinctive bonus. I am a “taller” woman and I love having the option of adjusting the height of the handle to best suit my needs and comfort.

One of the unique features of the G+G 042 is that the frame can be converted from a four wheel configuration to a two wheel configuration. You may be asking why you’d want to stroll on two wheels, but for any of us who have traveled with our infants to the beach you’ll know that pushing a stroller through the sand is next to impossible. My husband and I typically tag team with one of us lifting the rear and the other lifting the front of the stroller so that we can carry it to our resting location on the beach. With the G+G 042 having two wheel adaptability and large air filled rear tires, it means that one of us can easily pull our son. This feature can also be used for taking your stroller up stairs. This is a fantastic option for parents that live in walk-ups or those who use the subway daily.

GuzzieandGuss042 2 wheel for stairs or sand

One of the first things I noticed about this stroller is the canopy. The canopy is massive! It easily offers you enough coverage to shade your child from the elements. In many of the seat configurations your child will can be fully covered.

GuzzieandGuss042 drawstring basket By far one of my favorite features is the storage basket. As a parent, you already know that we don’t travel light! We have diaper bags, snacks, toys, drinks, shopping bags… you name it – at some point we’ve probably had to carry it. The storage basket on the G+G 042 is unique in that it features a drawstring – at first I wasn’t sure I’d like this feature but I’ve quickly come to love it. The basket is huge! With a volume of 2400 cu in. / 39.99 litres you can load a ton of stuff into the basket and the drawstring makes sure that your cargo can’t fall out.

In Use:

When you are pushing the G+G 042 the conventional way, with the smaller wheels (7″) in the front, you’ll find that it’s very easy to maneuver with just one hand. I like over-sized wheels on strollers – mainly because I live in an area that has a variety of terrains from pavement to gravel to hiking paths and I’ve found that the bigger the wheels the better the push and ride. The G+G 042 features 12″ inflatable tires that allow for a smooth ride regardless of the conditions. I have tested out the G+G 042 at the mall, park and around our neighbourhood and I’ve found it has done very well everywhere I have taken it. I would encourage you to lock the front wheels if you’re going to be on bumpy road conditions (whether that is a gravel road or snow covered pavement).

guzzieandguss042 Because we live in the North I have also had the opportunity to test out the G+G 042 on a recent snow filled day and was impressed at how well it handled the conditions. There aren’t very many strollers that can truly hold their own in a few inches of snow.

Most buggys on the market have foot breaking systems, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the G+G 042 features a hand brake system. On the handle you’ll find a lever that, once engaged, will break the rear wheels. To disengage the brake you simply push the grey button on the end of the lever while pulling up gently.  Not only is this system easy and convenient, it is ‘flip flop friendly’ meaning no sore toes (or destroyed pedicures) from applying the brake.

The G+G 042 has a fairly simple fold.   While standing behind the stroller you have to pull up on the triggers found on either side of the handle and gently lower the push handle towards the rear wheels. Once fully lowered the chassis will “click” into the locked position. One of the things I love is that you don’t need to remove the seat to fold the chassis. However, I should note that in order to fold the frame with the seat in place you need to ensure that the seat  forward facing and in the most upright position. This got me the first time that I tried to fold the stroller – I had been trying out so many different stroller configurations that I became all confused about which direction the seat should face and where the handlebars should be. In reality it’s really very simple as long as you take a few seconds to observe your current configuration.

G+G042 rain sheild Parents looking for value will appreciate the accessories that are included with this stroller. Aside from the bassinet attachment (which you’d normally have to purchase separately), the G+G 042 also comes with a foot muff to protect little legs from the elements and a weather protector which you’d also have to purchase separately with many other strollers.

Guzzie+Guss does sell an optional cup holder (which I have and think works great) but I’d really love to see a cup holder or parent tray included with stroller – whether it’s to hold a drink for mom or a baby bottle, as a parent you always need to have a place to store cups without them spilling and a place to put your keys & cell phone so that they can be easily accessed.

The stroller weighs 18lbs making it fairly light and with the compact fold it will easily fit into your car for transport.

Thankfully I didn’t have any accidents that required me to clean the G+G 042 yet, however as with most strollers Guzzie+Guss encourages you to hand-wash (spot clean) the fabric.

The G+G 042 is considered the crowning jewel of the Guzzie+Guss collection and is available in four colors (Platinum, Sapphire, Sand & Ruby) for $599.99.

Overall, the G+G 042 performs extremely well, offers an abundant amount of functionality, and is comparable to top strollers on the market today.


Designed for Children Aged: 0 Months to 5 years
Max. Weight Limit 53 lbs / 24 kg
Weight (Frame) 18 lbs / 8 kg
Seat to Canopy 29”
Seat Width 13 in. / 33 cm
Seat Depth 10 in. / 25 cm
Handle Height 41 in – 44 in /104 – 112 cm
Stroller DimensionsOpen (L x W x H) 34 x 23 x 40 in. / 86 x 58 x 101 cm
Stroller DimensionsFolded Folded (L x W x H) 30 x 17 x 14 in. / 76 x 43 x 35 cm
Height 40
Folded (chassis only) 27 x 7 x 13



  • Reversible Handle
  • Lightweight frame
  • Huge sun canopy
  • The basket underneath has a drawstring so nothing falls out
  • Hand Brake
  • 100% Natural Cotton Bassinet Liner
  • Universal Car seat Adaptability

Wish List:

  • A cup holder included
  • One handed recline

*Thank you to Guzzie+Guss for sending us this stroller for review*


WIN IT!!   Guzzie+Guss is offering one (1) Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to the G+G 042 that we tested!!     

Congratulations to our winner: Kimberley!!!

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  • Hello there,

    we just bought the g+g 042 for our baby. we got the same blue color that you show in your blog and we realized that “Baby ace” is written both on the seat and the canopy. Do you know why? How long have you been using this stroller? Is it good? How is the post-sale service? We really like its design and features but we’re concerned about buying a too new and unknown brand. we cannot find too many reviews online.

    Thank you

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