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Featured Review: Orbit Baby’s Sidekick Stroller Board

A new and exciting trend that we are seeing with many manufacturers is the introduction of the ‘board’. Adding a board extends the life of your single stroller because it allows your older child to hitch a ride when they get tired. In 2010 Orbit introduced their Sidekick board($120) to increase the usability of the G2 stroller for parents of pre-schoolers who want to be independent but need a break sometimes. We recently had the opportunity to test out Orbit’s sidekick and were impressed from the minute we opened it up.

Out of the box the Sidekick board took less than 5 minutes to install – literally. In the package Orbit includes the board, two stroller storage rings, right- and left-side attachable riding handles, and a backpack-style travel bag to keep the board safe when you are not using it.

To get going all you need to do is slip the handles over the stroller handle bars, clip them in place and the attach the board to the wheels. This easily done by locking the front plate in place, releasing the pins on the board, positioning them at the wheels and then locking them.

Versatile, the sidekick can be used on either side of the stroller and can also be flipped up when not in use. Moving the board from one side of the stroller to the other can be done in just 2 minutes as all you need to do is release the pins and the re-position the board on the other side and lock.

Just like a real skateboard the sidekick is designed from wood with grip tape on the top so your little rider stays put.

As soon as I attached it my G2 both of my boys immediately wanted to try it out. During our first trip out I was surprised at how easily it moved along beside the stroller. This is in part to the 2 skateboard type wheels that allow it glide over smooth surfaces and around corners. Through many stores and around some tight corners, I didn’t have any issues with it tipping or getting stuck. It goes where the stroller goes. The only issue that I came across is it doesn’t go over curbs. But this is a challenge with any board, not just the sidekick. Knowing this, I just plan to enter stores or sidewalks where there is an incline.

Whether we are at the mall, the park or out for a walk in our neighbourhood, the sidekick is perfect to give my oldest a break. Even though he’s six, he is on the spectrum and needs to be constantly watched to make sure that he doesn’t wander. He has never had the co-ordination to ride a scooter or skate board so riding on the sidekick is a big thing for him.

It was also a head turner for other parents, with many asking me about the board and wondering if they could use it on their stroller.  Unfortunately, the sidekick only works with the Orbit G2 stroller as it really is a one of a kind design.

Unlike other products on the market this board just sits on one side or the other so you aren’t kicking it when you are strolling or trying to see over your child. This also makes it so parents or caregivers can add 2 boards if they would like; one on each wheel!

I have to say I am in love with this board. I use it to do school pick up because I have to park so far away from the school and want to get back to the car quickly. It’s funny to hear all of the kids(especially the older ones) oohing and ahhing when they see my son riding it.

For your convenience the Sidekick board can stay attached when the stroller is folded or can be removed and stored in the back of your vehicle in it’s bag. If I am out with just one of my boys I take it off and re-install it when it’s needed. The ease of use is really incredible. Orbit definitely did a great job designing the Sidekick board. It really was sent from heaven.


  • for use with children from age 2 to 50lbs (23kg)
  • product dimensions: Sidekick stroller board: 17.5L x 9W x 4H in (44L x 23W x 10H cm); board riding area: 10.5L x 9W in (27L x 23W cm)
  • product weight: 3 lbs (1 kg)


  • orbitgreen™: PVC-free Material – all materials, including wood treatment, gripping texture tape, and adhesive, are carefully selected to be PVC-free
  • all materials phthalate-free

* Thank you to Orbit Baby for sending us the Sidekick Stroller Board to test*

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  • I just came across your review of the Sidekick board and wanted to say what a great find it was! We have been researching strollers lately and I have very impressed with the Orbit.

    Adding this on would be great to extend the usefulness and longevity of the stroller. This is a great consideration if you are going to put out the money for an Orbit.

    Thank you for the heads up..;)

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