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Firefighter Finds Newborn Baby In A Diaper Box

As I prepare to welcome #2, I am always shocked to read stories of abandoned newborns.

Friday, a South Carolina firefighter found a newborn baby boy inside a ‘Luvs’ Diaper box in front of the fire station.

The sheriff’s office said the newborn was transported to a local hospital where he was listed in good condition.

According to officials, the baby weighs about 6.5 pounds and officials believe he was about six hours old when found.

In compliance with the Safe Haven for Abandoned Babies Act, any infant that is 30 days old or younger who is presented to the hospital will be assessed for health and wellbeing, provided care when needed, and then physical custody will be turned over to the Department of Social Services.

The saddest part is that the ‘mom’ put this little guy in a Luvs diaper box – how ironic….

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