First Girl Born to a Family in Five Generations

Chris and Megan Ward recently welcomed their second child into the world. Their first child was a boy. This baby was a little girl. It doesn’t sound abnormal – until you hear the family’s history.

Little Ashlyn Mary Ward is the first baby girl to be born to the Indiana family since the early 1900’s – five generations ago.

One of Chris’ older brothers predicted the break in the streak, despite the family’s long line of male births.

“One of my older brothers, because I have three brothers, he had said he called a girl and that I was going to break the streak. In his words, I was ‘going to choke,’” said Chris.

Of course, with Ashlyn being the first girl in five generations, the males in the family are a little unsure of what to do.

“I think probably the most common comment is ‘this girl is going to be spoiled like no other girl in history,” Chris stated.

And while that may be true, Chris is a little unsure of how to react to the first-born female in his family for more than a century.

“Don’t know what to do,” said Chris. “Of course, we thought it was going to be a boy.”

Chris is even a little unsure of how to dress his daughter and says that his wife will need to set out clothes for him to dress her in – clothes that don’t seem to be in shortage with all of the gifts, despite the fact that there are no family hand-me-downs.

“Never had so much pink in our house before,” Megan stated.

Learning how to dress and care little Ashlyn may be good practice for all the men in the family though because Chris has already predicted that the family will now run a 100 year long girl streak, which he says will start with his oldest nephew.

But for now, the Wards have to wait and see if the streak will continue because Chris and Megan had already decided, before finding out about Ashlyn, that this child would be their last.

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