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Flight Attendant Wins Award For Saving 25 Weeker On Airplane

We covered the amazing story of a baby born 30,000 ft in the air, 15 weeks premature last month.

A flight attendant played an integral part of his survival by clearing his lungs with a straw.

The BBC reported today that Carol Miller (pictured, right), the quick thinking flight attendant, has won a top award for saving the life of Alfie Delemere.

Nicola Delemere and her husband Dominic, 28, were on a flight to Manchester in April when she started bleeding, it was then that Carol came to the rescue.

She asked Nicola to remove her pants after feeling the baby’s head and that’s when he just popped out.

The crew on the plane made contact with medical staff on the ground and was walked through what to do.

The fight attendant clamped the umbilical cord and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the airplane landed at Gatwick and the baby rushed to intensive care.

She was told yesterday that she had won a Pride of Britain award when Peter Kay turned up at Manchester Airport to give her the good news.

Alfie who is now fit and well went home in August after a stay in hospital. His parents say that:

“We really can’t begin to thank Carol enough for saving Alfie’s life.”

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