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Tragic Loss: Premature Sextuplets Face Devastating Outcome

18-week-old Cadence Morrison has sadly passed away, just 2 weeks after being born prematurely. According to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, four out of the six Morrison babies born in June have died.

Cadence’s three brothers, Tryg, Bennet, and Lincoln, also passed away within a week of their birth. The remaining two babies – one boy and one girl – are currently in critical condition at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

Despite this difficult time, the Morrison parents, Ryan and Brianna, state that their faith remains strong. They express gratitude for the support provided by their families, friends, and churches.

The sextuplets were born at 22 weeks, which is considered a critical limit of viability. Their birthweights ranged from 11 ounces to 1.3 pounds. Health officials believe that the Morrison babies were the first surviving sextuplets born in Minnesota.

In the United States, only around a dozen sets of sextuplets have survived infancy. The Masche sextuplets, born in Arizona, remain stable.

Brianna Morrison, aged 24, had relied on fertility drugs for her pregnancy. The Morrisons decided not to undergo selective reduction, a procedure that could have improved the survival odds for some of the fetuses in the womb.

The Morrison family’s struggle has received widespread attention, with nearly 200,000 people visiting their website. Messages of support and prayers pour in regularly.

Let us pray that the remaining twins get to go home with the Morrison family. After facing so much hardship, it would be heartbreaking for them not to bring a baby home in the end.

Brianna Morrison spent weeks on bedrest, striving to stay calm to help the babies thrive. She and her husband even moved into the hospital to increase the babies’ chances of survival.

Our thoughts are with the Morrison family during this challenging time.

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