From Pregnancy to Delivery, on the Same Day!

Baby FeetFor a Michigan woman, a probable hernia turned out to be a baby! Linda Ackley complained of abdominal bloating and went to a doctor to check when she was shocked to find out that she was actually pregnant. What made the news even more dramatic was that she was full term and gave birth that day.

Linda complained of abdominal bloating last week and went to the doctor for a check-up. A CT scan however revealed something no one was expecting. Linda was pregnant. Doctors immediately planned for a C-section for the same night.

“Some people have nine months to prepare. I had 15 hours,”  her husband Mike Ackley told Jackson Citizen Patriot.

Kimberly Kay Ackley was born on Friday night weighing a whooping 10 pounds, 1 ounce. She is the couple’s first child and perfectly healthy.

44 year old Linda thought she could never have a child.

“She is our miracle baby,” she said.

Linda and Mike have been married for 24 years and thought they could not have children. Linda says that she could never guess she was pregnant as she did not have any tell-tale signs like weight gain, morning sickness of any pain.

What is even more stunning as that the new mother almost died in 2011 when she contracted infection of a ‘flesh eating bacteria’ known as necrotizing fasciitis. She underwent a stomach surgery and was in coma for a week, but bravely fought back.

The birth of her daughter makes Linda wonder,

“God wanted me here for something,” she says.

Mike agrees,

“First my wife came back to me, and now, I have a baby girl,” he said.

The couple are now busy redecorating their home to make it a baby-friendly zone. They have received lot of help from friends with clothes, donations and a car seat.


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