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Garage Sale Finds

Summer is Garage Sale Season. Saturday and Sunday mornings are notorious for people out with their newspapers searching lawn after lawn for that one thing they just don’t have. Many things are fine to buy at Garage sales. Baby stuff needs more research in order to make sure that you don’t purchase something that could harm your child.

Health Canada has a Consumer Product Safety section of their website that outlines things to look for when purchasing second hand baby products.

Toys are something that need extra caution. Toys are notorious for having recalls on them. If you are purchasing something that is even 3 or 4 years old – safety standards may have changed a couple times. Older plastic toys may have PVC in them or loose/broken parts.

Cribs and wooden playpens need to have the slats no more than 6cm apart. The footboard or headboard cannot have any cutouts and mattresses need to fit snug. Most crib-related deaths are due to crib defects or broken parts in older cribs.

Walkers are banned in Canada , purchasing one of these is probably not a good idea. An exersaucer is a great replacement.

If you are planning to purchase some stuff second-hand do your research and have fun. Make sure you get a good deal. The money you save could go towards your child’s education or better yet, a great vacation.


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