GE Takes Prenatal Imaging to New Heights

Ultrasound imaging has made it possible for doctors to more diagnose and monitor trouble pregnancies. But we’ve come a long way from the grainy, black-and white images. In recent years, we’ve seen three-dimensional imaging and better quality two-dimensional imaging. Now, GE is taking prenatal ultrasounds to new heights.

GE HDlive twin fetus still

Their HDlive technology is making it possible for doctors to diagnose almost any prenatal condition with confidence. The advanced illumination model supports a moveable virtual light source, which gives them a clearer, brighter image of the growing fetus. Advanced skin rendering techniques provide clear, almost life-like photo images of each and every part of the developing baby. Vascular issues, heart issues, and so much more, can be diagnosed quickly and with more certainty than ever before.

GE HDlive fetus still

So what’s the benefit for soon-to-be parents? One of the biggest benefits is the fact that this new imaging technology all but eliminates the possibility of false alarms. But it also helps to catch more problems in more babies, which means that parents can have the best information possible before their baby is born. Specialists can be consulted beforehand, which can ensure that parents and babies have the best care possible at the time of delivery. And, of course, there’s the wonderful experience of seeing your baby with amazing clarity before it’s even born.

GE HDlive fetus still

Granted, not all hospitals or clinics will have this technology, especially at first. But this new technology is paving the way for better overall prenatal care, which is good for everyone – parents, babies and doctors.

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