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Generous Friend Who Donated Eggs May Be Left Infertile

A generous woman who gave her eggs to help two childless friends fears she has been left infertile by her act of kindness.

Donna Stickels, 26, revealed her personal ordeal to warn other women about the potential dangers of egg donation.

Her story began seven years ago when she offered to help a married friend who was desperate to start a family after years of failed fertility treatment.

Donna’s generosity resulted in the delighted woman giving birth to twin boys and she later became their godmother.

A second donation of eggs to another friend failed to result in a pregnancy, but the woman later conceived naturally.

Although both childless women realised their dream of becoming mothers, the fertility treatment appears to have had tragic implications for Donna.

The single mother of a young boy, Donna began trying for a baby with her new partner and discovered gynaecological problems which were stopping her from conceiving this time.

She underwent two operations on an ovary and her Fallopian tubes, but was told in February the surgery had failed and she would never be able to conceive naturally.

Although the doctors would not make a definitive link with the treatment she had in donating eggs, one gynaecologist admitted: ‘It could be scar tissue from the procedures.’

Donna donated 28 eggs from 2 harvesting sessions.

The doctor told me that I had burst cysts on my ovary and adhesions on my Fallopian tubes which were stopping me conceiving,’ she said. Surgeons removed her right ovary and tried to clear her Fallopian tubes. The day after her second operation Donna was told she could never have more children.

‘I burst into tears,’ ‘It was as if a door had been shut in my face.’ Donna said she had split from Dan under the stress of her infertility. Adding:’When I see Victoria and her boys playing in the park, my heart bursts with happiness at what I was able to do for her. But I do wish I’d been more aware of what risks were involved.’

It is has become popular for college students to donate their eggs to pay off their tuition. No one ever thinks that something like can happen to them, but everyone should consider their future when making such life altering choices.

Maybe her good karma will come back to her and she will have the opportunity to use an egg donation service or adopt a child that really needs a good start.


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