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Giada De Laurentiis Talks Motherhood and Her New ‘Partner In The Kitchen’

Just three months after giving birth to her first child, Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson, the host of Food Network’s “Everyday Italian” is torn about heading back to work.

“I thought I would be so excited to get back to work, but I feel bad that I’m leaving her,” says Giada, 37. “She’s out of the ‘blob’ stage of just eating and pooping. She’s starting to become a person; I see her character and personality coming out. And now I won’t be around that much.”

Giada has already started grooming Jade to be her assistant:

“She hangs out with me in the kitchen in her swing,” says De Laurentiis. “I’ve gained a partner in the kitchen, as little as she is. It warms [my] heart like nothing else.”

She already can’t wait to share her culinary traditions. “

The first thing I made with my parents was pizza dough,” De Laurentiis recalls. “That’s the first thing I’m hoping we can make together.”

The new mom hopes that her daughter will share her passion for cooking, and if she doesn’t, the she admits, “it would break my heart.”

Parenthood, of course, does come with its trade-offs: “I’ve gained a lot of joy … but lost a little of my freedom,” the chef admits. But she still has found ways to spend time with her husband, clothing designer Todd Thompson, 44. “Quality time now comes at a different time,” laughs De Laurentiis. “We hang out with each other at 4 or 5 a.m., giving Jade her bottle.”

I can’t wait to more recent pictures of Jade now that starting to come into her own!

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