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Giveaway: The Planet Pixies Protect Endangered Regions Of The World!

I Love My Planet Toys is an eco-conscious company that creates toys that carry an environmental message.

Their goal is to offer planet friendly toys that educate children, encourage them to use their imaginations and provide knowledge to help eco-conscious decisions.

The Planet Pixie’s are organic dolls that each protect a different endangered zone of the globe.

  1. Kayla The Marsh Pixie hails from the Florida Everglades. The Everglades are tropical marshland located in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Florida. She teaches young girls about this rare and beautiful place that is home to panther, manatee, bobcat, alligators and of course Pixies!
  2. Maia The Tree Pixie wears a red dress with red hair accessories. Maia spends her days and nights fluttering around the Amazon Rain Forest. Her job is to teach us about the Amazon,the world’s largest and most famous Rain Forest.
  3. Anyu The Ice Pixie lives in the North Pole. She comes dressed warmly with gloves, shoes and a belted brown and icy blue dress. Her job is to educate us about the North Pole, and the area around it.

Each Doll arrives in a recycled materials box with environmental information about each region. They even offer simple tips to fight the erosion of each area.

Congratulations to our winner Angela!

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