GLOB ~ The colors of nature in botanically crafted paints

GLOB introduces a whole new way to paint!

Beautifully vibrant pigment powders are created from flowers, spices, fruits, vegetables and other food grade ingredients. Just add a little water and the pigment powders turn into fabulous paints similar to water colors, and can be used in a  variety of arts and crafts.

GLOB paints were developed with both sustainability and safety in mind. The water-based paints are not only truly non-toxic, but are also biodegradable. Conforming not only to US safety standards, but also to those of Europe, Canada and Australia, GLOB paints are safe for the budding artist and friendly to the environment.

Use them to paint a picture, add them to home made play dough or color some paper mache; the uses for GLOB paints seem endless! Organic extracts lend a fresh, fruity scent to the paints, and with color names that include lemon verbena, blueberry, pomegranate, tangerine, plum purple and basil green, these paints add deliciousness to any project (although eating is discouraged!).

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