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Graco Introduces The Snugride 32

Before Graco’s launch, this past weekend, 2 other car seat manufacturers held the title for largest weight capacity for an infant seat.

Graco has exceeded the previous stats of 30lbs/30inches by releasing their Snugride 32.

The company has done their research and says that this seat will accommodate 97% of one year-olds to keep your child rear facing for one full year.

It is also cushioned with GracoPedic™ luxury foam for extra padding and added comfort and features a removable infant body support that helps keep infants comfortably positioned.

The Snugride’s soft harness covers will keep you baby comfortably buckled, while the 180° rotating canopy helps shade your child from any direction.

One of the biggest complaints that most new parents have is that their baby outgrew their infant seat long before they wanted them to.

While I realize that most parents won’t carry the baby in this seat like they did when they were younger, it is still nice to know that you don’t need to buy another piece of gear for at least a year.

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  • Thank you, Graco! As a mother of a little girl who outgrew her infant carrier at 4 months, before she could even sit up, I will definetly buy this for our baby due in Aug. I knew I was not the only person that had a large baby. Thanks, again!

  • Same here! My 1st son had the snugride 29inch 22lb limit and out grew the height at 4-5 months. I now have a 7 week old that is over 12lbs and 23 inches…I will need a new seat shortly and love the convenience of an easy carry seat. useing the carseat at dr offices and stores is a plus since I also have a 2 yr old to care for even if my child out grown the length before 1 year its worth the $!!

  • Thank you! I can’t wait to get this for my next baby in the fall, my little one outgrew his before he could sit up on his own as well and there was no way to sit him in the grocery cart! We had an older style that only went to 26 inches – what were they thinking! This is great. =)

  • we bought this one for our daughter last year. she is now 12.5 months and still in it! it is totally worth the purchase!

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