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Grandmother Has Baby Unexpectantly

When grandmother Mandy Davidson began to get hot flushes, she put it down to her age.

At 45, with her two children now in their 20s, she assumed the menopause had arrived.

It was only when a niggling back pain she had been feeling for a few weeks suddenly got much worse during a lunch break at work that the reality started to dawn.

Just five hours later she had given birth to a healthy 8lb 1oz son, Alfie.

Her husband was more than shocked saying “I nearly fell to the floor when I found out. It was even more of a shock when the hospital midwives told us at first that it was twins.”

The couple, who celebrates their 27th anniversary this year, ended up with only having one child.

Even though Mrs Davidson, had the flushes, the back pain, a bloated sensation and some mild weight gain she still continued her job as a nursery worker at a centre for autistic children.

She checked her symptoms online and it confirmed that she was in menopause so she felt it wasn’t necessary to contact a doctor.

But when the pain increased at work last week, there was a sudden awakening.

She said: “It was at lunchtime and I told my, manager, ‘I think I have got something to tell you. I think I could be pregnant and I could be in labour now’.

“We went straight to the hospital and Alfie was born at 6.25pm. They think that I was 40 weeks and that he was lying across me with his head down.”

Mrs Davidson, a Brownie and Girl Guide leader, added: “I hadn’t seemed to put on much weight over the nine months.

“But it turned out I was carrying a lot of water and lost a stone and a half immediately after the birth.

“Alfie was a placid baby both inside and out of the womb. When he was inside I felt ripple-like sensations but nothing like a kick to give it away.

“But I recognised the signs of labour when the backache turned into much more than that – that’s when I knew I was expecting.”

The Davidson’s have two grown-up children, Victoria, 25 and Phillip, 26, as well as a seven-year-old grandson, Owen.

Sadly, they lost a child seven years ago, who was also a surprise, at the age of 2 to diabetes. They are now coming to terms with their unplanned return to parenthood.

This situation always puzzles me. How do you not know you are pregnant? Once you get past 28 weeks the baby is usually so active, they can kick objects off of your belly. Not to mention the ‘bump’??

The worrying part is that a women who is not aware she is pregnant is probably having alcoholic beverages socially and not taking prenatal vitamins.


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  • This woman is my cousin – you know nothing about her lifestyle, so should be careful in presuming anything about her diet or possible alcohol intake.

  • It was a general comment about any woman who is just living life not knowing that they are pregnant. The majority of the world will drink socially a few times in a nine month period. A good diet is not enough when you are pregnant – that is why we have prenatal vitamins.

    There was nothing personal meant towards your cousin – those were the first two things that came to my head when I read the article.

    We wish them the best and I’m sure the surprise arrival has been exciting news in your family!

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