Grandparents Hit The Jackpot!!

Grandparents, Tonya and Bobby Harris will have 164 million reasons to wake up everyday after hitting the Jackpot Friday night.

Bobby picked the numbers and Tonya bought the two $1 tickets just hours before the drawing.

Bobby used the birth dates of five of their six grandchildren to pick the winning numbers: 7, 12, 13, 19, 22.

Tonya says she’s still not sure what prompted Bobby to pick the all-important Mega Ball number of 10.

The couple’s last grandchild, Cody was born on December 30th, but instead of playing 30 he chose 10, which made the difference between winning the $270 million or $250,000.

The Harrises have two daughters who also live in Portal, and plan to take the winnings as a lump sum, which would leave them with $164 million before taxes.

What’s next?

Bobby says, “It is great to know I won’t have to go ask for a job or work for somebody else, that I can finally stay home and enjoy my grandkids.” Tonya added, “I hope everything will just stay normal. I really want the normal life. We’d just like to have a home and some land and things for the grandkids and to help our kids out and our family. But that’s as far as we want to go.

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