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Gween Toys ~ Fun, educational and eco-friendly!

Gween Toys aims to create toys that are not only fun and entertaining, but that are educational as well!

They have created toys in two categories with a child’s developmental stage in mind. Toys for 2-3 year olds focus on stacking and movement, and include Gwomies and Gusto. Gwomies is a set of 20 interchangeable stacking pieces with which to make trees and shrubs! Toddlers can make them as tall or as short as they would like, and can “grow” an entire forest for their toy animal friends. Gusto is a set of stacking pieces with which to build a windmill. Toddlers can build the windmill and then spin the fan and mimic the wind.

For children 3-5 years of age, who are starting to learn their numbers and letters, have increased motor skills and enjoy stringing beads and other fine activities, Gween Toys presents Picazee, Alfinx and Zarafu. Picazee is a zebra who encourages color recognition and practices matching skills, Alfinx is a tiger who encourages basic reading skills using simple spelling activities, and Zarafu is a giraffe who introduces preschoolers to early math skills. What a great collection of wooden animal friends!

Gween toys are all made by hand with sustainably harvested trees. Natural pigments are used to color the toys, and Gween Toys states that no paints, metals, plastics or other synthetic materials are used. The packaging of all Gween Toys is made with recyclable materials, and on the inside is an additional coloring activity!

For a wonderful set of toys that are both educational and fun, check out Gween Toys!

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