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Gwen Stefani Still Breastfeeding Kingston

While in Toronto for an appearance at MuchMusic Gwen Stefani told a interviewer that she was “totally lopsided right now, because he only wanted to have one little bit”. The star was referring to breast feeding Kingston, her 6 month old son.

The married 37-year-old California native with homes in London and L.A. then, shrugged off this momentary blip in her admittedly charmed life.

“I’m so lucky, I can have my baby and go with him everywhere. And my job is not `The Job.’ It’s super fun. My best friends (stylist, makeup artist) come over to my hotel room, we have breakfast, and then we do hair and makeup and I play dress up.

She said the flight to Toronto was “the first time Kingston was like `I’m 6 months old and I’ve got an attitude and I’m going to scream on the plane.’ Last night was a really good one, because he slept four hours in a row. My theory is that nursing gives you superhuman powers. How else could I be doing all this when I’m usually a sleepaholic?”

“I feel like I have to seize the moment. I know how lucky I am and I want to just do it now while I can. When Kingston starts school, he’s not going to be able to come on tour. I know the clock is ticking, as it was on my last record.”

“I think Kingston brought that kind of balance to me, because I’d be in the studio singing a lyric in the booth, with earphones on, and this superhero thing would be happening — I could hear him crying! Then I had to go out and feed him. It makes everything (else) not so precious.”

It is so nice to hear a celebrity talk like a real parent. Usually they will have a baby and then you don’t see the child for months, but you see the parent, (A la Britney) you know the nanny has just become a full time mom.

The part that impressed me the most is the fact that he is 6 months old and she is still breast feeding. It is hard enough for a mom who stays at home all day with her child to breastfeed exclusively at 6 months let alone a celebrity who is busy recording and promoting a new album! Way to Go Gwen. I hope may other moms take note of your positive influence.


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