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Haba Re-Invents The Ball

Haba is my favorite toy company because everything they create has so many uses. This year they have introduced many balls that double as other toys. Here are some of the ones I love!

haba toy balls

1. Pommella Activity Toy – Open up the magnetic apple and inside there is a cute little rattling caterpillar. Apple comes with rustling foil. ($14)

2. Ballino is a colorful rattling ball made out of wooden discs. Great toy to have for first grabbing. ($12)

3. Stacking Ball Colori – The 5 part stacking ball rattles, squeaks and rustles.($17)

4. Peely Grasping Ball – Change Peely’s colors from red and yellow to blue by folding the sides up or down. Little ones will love the rattling sound and bright colors.($9)

5. Fabric Miniland Ball – Great for grasping and rolling. Comes with little bell.($20)

6. Fiori Fabric Ball – This simple, yet vibrantly colorful ball is covered in soft, ruby red fabric, with delicate pink and green flowers sewn all over it. This ball has a rattle inside, which gently tinkles when the ball is shaken, or rolled along the floor.($12)

7. Discovery Ball with Squeaker – This colourful ball’s sounds and optical effects trigger the curiosity of any child, stimulating them to fumble and clutch. ($5)

8. Allegro Stacking Ball – The ball is separated into four squishy pieces which slide together on a soft, fabric rod. Some pieces are lined with rustling foil or contain a rattle for a bit of noisy interest; all are luxuriously soft and fuzzy.($12)

*All of Haba’s wooden toys are made of beech wood, with ecological, water-based, non-toxic lacquers.*

All of Haba’s toys are available at

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