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Hansa’s Realistic Plush Animals Teach Kids About Preserving Wildlife

Children have an inherent love for animals, and Hansa’s high-quality, life-like line of plush animal toys will engage their senses while acting as fun companions that teach them about respecting real animals and wildlife.

The wide range of creatures available in the Hansa animal kingdom include North American animals to exotic safari animals. The toy maker beautifully crafts over 5,000 designs of over 350 different species — from elephants, cheetahs, orangutans and polar bears to dogs, giraffes, zebras, leopards — and almost any animal you can think of!

The beauty behind the brand is that Hansa “believes today’s children hold the fate of our planet’s wild creatures in their hands. Today’s children will be the adults who will make the final choice to save the endangered animals of our world or let them disappear forever.”

Hansa recognizes the attachments children make with their toys, and they believe that their toys “teach” and “educate the heart” of their child owners. With this in mind, they created the “Endangered Animals Collection” to educate kids about wild animals and help “inspire a life-long commitment to wildlife conservation.” – Beth, staff writer


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