Hartiatoys: Paper Craft Fun

farm_hartiaNot a day goes by that my oldest sons are not asking for paper, scissors, and glue so they can make a variety of things. They are exactly the kind of kids in mind for Hartiatoys®. Hartia, meaning paper in Slavic, are paper models aimed at kids ages 6 to 12 who love to cut, fold and make things from paper.

Hartiatoys®, also called Couplicoles® (from the French word for cut-fold-paste) are amazing paper toys in a wide variety of themes. From under the ocean to farm life, there are many different themes that kids can choose from. Each pack includes paper for kids to cut, fold, and glue together into creatures, people, and plants. Kids can improve their motor skills and three-dimensional thinking while putting together the paper pieces. All kids need to be able to do is cut, fold, and glue.

Hartiatoys: Paper Craft FunHartiatoys: Paper Craft Fun

Of course, putting the paper toys together is only half the fun. Once kids have made the paper toys they can let their imaginations explode with the paper models. Kids can put on plays, act out stories, and entertain themselves for hours with the paper crafts they made. Children of all ages can have fun with Hartiatoys® creating their own worlds and stories. Even teens and adults can get into the fun!

You can download and print the paper models at home for instant fun, or purchase them in themed boxes at most bookstores and toy stores. They make great craft ideas for babysitters, teachers, or just any rainy day. – Summer, staff writer

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