Hungarian Boy Dies After Freak Bouncy Castle Accident

An eight-year-old boy died Thursday from injuries suffered when the bouncy castle he was playing on blew away during May Day celebrations in Budapest.

The accident happened on Tuesday when a gust of wind blew the castle, and the families within, up into the air and carried them around 30 metres before slamming them into a fence.

As well as the boy, who died despite brain surgery, his mother and another four people – children and their parents – were injured in the incident.

Budapest police spokesman Tibor Jarmy said that charges of reckless endangerment could be brought against the operators of the castle, who have yet to produce all the required permits to operate the inflatable.

Jarmy said that operator could face up to five years in jail if found guilty.

A similar incident occurred in the UK last year, when two women were killed and 12 seriously injured as the inflatable sculpture they were on was blown into the air. The inflatable hit a CCTV camera post before plummeting to the ground.

You would think that one of these mammoth castles would be tethered down so that it couldn’t move…I guess that maybe why the operator may be charged??


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