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Husband and Wife Celebrate Nine Babies In Nine Years

Sgt Malcolm Warriner and Rayna, 32, now boast six girls and three boys, reports The Sun.

Rayna jokes they only need one more arrival to fill every seat in the family’s 12-seater minibus.

The Warriner family already consisted of Eryn, nine; Jackson, eight; Harrison, six; Callan, four; Taitum, three; and triplets Ilish, Rosemary and Meredith who are 23 months.

And on January 27, she gave birth to 7lb 11oz Avie at Poole Hospital, Dorset.

Rayna said: “I had a word with her in hospital to tell her to behave for her mummy.

“It seemed to work as she’s slotted in fine and even sleeps through the night – which is just as well. The other eight think she’s lovely. Luckily I just love having babies.”

The daily routine for ex-nursery boss Rayna and Malcolm, 45, starts at 7am and ends after midnight.

Malcolm said: “Rayna and I haven’t had a holiday for years or a night out together. But I don’t feel that I’m missing out. Our family is our life.”

Growing up, our down the street neighbours had 11 kids. The wife drove a Mini-Bus so that all the kids could be transported to school at the same time. Unlike this family, all the kids were singles.

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