I Heart Guts ~ Education With A Plush Twist!

Nothing beats hands on experience for bringing a lesson home. But just how do you get a fun hands on experience while teaching little ones about the inner workings of the body? ‘I Heart Guts’ has just the answer!

Founded in 2005, this family run company creates plush organs. Yes, that’s right, plush organs! After learning about what they do, future surgeons can now take their very own plush brain, heart or lung up to bed with them!

Twelve organs are available in all, including the heart, lung, brain, pancreas and liver. Each plush organ comes with a tag telling you exactly what it is that the organ does. The pancreas for example “produces digestive enzymes so you can eat, but it is best known for making the hormone insulin, which processes glucose and sugar from the bloodstream. Isn’t that sweet?”

Apart from plush toys, I Heart Guts also offers t-shirts, baby onesies, stickers, buttons, lapel pins, stationary and e-cards. It may just be me, but I have a gut feeling that learning about organs has never been quite this much fun! – Belinda, Staff Writer

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