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I Heart The Dano Ducki!

DANO2 is a California based company that was founded by father/son team Daniel and Greg Monahan.

Having designed a line of toys for the ‘art toy’ market, Daniel decided to turn his attention to making a line of toys that would be safe for his one-year-old daughter Bella to play with.

Created from medical grade plastics, Dano2’s kids toys are both innovative and safe.

The Dano Ducki solves all of the problems that parents have with bath toys. It is BPA/Phthlate free and features a lid at the bottom so that you can drain the water in it once the bath is over. No more squeezing out ‘black’ water from your kids bath squirters.

Plus for your little teether, the duck bill and tail have been re-inforced for chewing, which is what every child does when they get their hands on a bright squishy toy.

While in Vegas, Daniel handed my grumpy little guy one of his ducks as we passed by. At the time, I was just happy that it made him smile. It wasn’t until I did a bit of research that I realized how innovative our yellow duck was!

I now carry it in my diaper bag and gush about it to anyone who will listen.

Please visit Dano2‘s website to find a retailer near you.


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