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If You Meet A Pregnant Woman – Say Something Nice!

As I enter into my last month of pregnancy, I must say that I will be glad to have the baby in my arms soon.

This is not because I don’t like being pregnant, but because I would like all of the pregnancy horror stories to end.

Even though I already have a son, I didn’t get to do the whole pregnancy thing – getting ripped off 16 weeks early. This makes me a target for those who have delivered full term babies to tell me their horror stories of 48 hour labors and ripping from one end to the other.
In the last few weeks I have heard about:

  • someone losing their baby at 36 weeks (that’s where I am)
  • someone who had a botched c-section
  • someone who’s hubby cheated 4 days before baby #2 arrived

This on top of multiple inquiries about if I am going to bust soon…
For all of you who have had nightmare deliveries, crummy pregnancies or unfortunate things happen after, it may be nice to keep them private until others have their babies safely in their arms.

I have no control over what my little monkey is doing inside right now, how incompetent the doctor is going to be or how my body is going to react to childbirth. But I do deserve the right to enter into this with faith, which is hard when you hear negative stories.

So…if you see a pregnant woman today, resist the urge to tell her about all the bad things you have heard and say something nice!

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