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Ikaboo Mini Glow Nightlights

Every child should have a nightlight in their room to make them feel safe at night.

I probably wouldn’t hurt for the light to be fun, bright or cute to look at.

These lights are called Miniglow, created by Ikaboo.

The light with a glowing rainbow heart. Enjoy the kaleidoscopic effects of Mini-Glow as it gently bathes its environment with the colours of the rainbow.

They are also adjustable and magnetic! These cute guys have magnets built into their arms so they can help you around the desk by holding onto all those pesky pins and paperclips. You can also move Mini-Glow Animal Friends into the coolest poses!

There are 8 ‘animals’ to choose from Schnauzer, Hedgehog, Penguin, Frog, Elephant, Rabbit, Lucky Dog and Squirrel. Each priced at $39.95

The Mini-Glow night light is made from a milky white coloured PVC material; the internal LED light gradually fades through the entire colour spectrum, producing a “stunning and mesmerising, kaleidoscopic effect”.



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