Illinois Expands Safe Haven Law for Babies

A new Illinois law gives parents up to 30 days after their child is born to drop the baby off at a hospital, a fire station or a police department without penalty.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed the law Wednesday during an appearance in Chicago.

Illinois’ old law gave parents up to seven days to leave a child at a Safe Haven location.

The Governor hopes the expanded law will encourage parents who don’t want to keep a child to bring the baby to a safe place, rather than just abandoning it.

This comes just 4 days after a newborn, only hours old, was found in Chicago abandoned in a garbage can. The lucky infant was rescued and taken to hospital in good condition.

More needs to be done to educate teens about their choices. They need to know what’s available to them if they’re ever in this situation.

Throwing a baby in the garbage should never be an option when there are so many couples who could give them a good home.

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