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Indonesian Woman Gives Birth to 15.2-Pound Baby

It is being reported that a mom has given birth to Indonesia’s heaviest ever baby, a boy weighing 15.2 pounds, hospital staff announced yesterday.

The baby was born at a private maternity clinic on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, a nurse on duty there told AFP.

“He was born at about 4:30 pm on Monday, but because of respiratory problems, the baby was taken to Fatmawati hospital a few hours later,” the nurse said.

The 37-year-old mother had gestational diabetes, which puts babies at risk of being heavier than normal.

This has been a good year for big babies. Super Tonio was born in February weighing 14.5lbs, Evan Dougherty in May weighing 14.5lbs and in September a Russian mom gave birth to a 17lb little girl.

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