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Introducing Jahgoo

Jahgoo, a Dutch-designed line of stylish international baby hardware including potties, baby bath items and step stools makes its U.S. launch.

If you’re like me you’re probably thinking that Jahgoo is a rather funny name but believe it or not the Jahgoo name actually stands for something.  When bathing your children, the bathroom turns into a jungle.  Screaming monkey’s and a lot of mess.  The tub looks like a Jacuzzi with bubbles and kids splashing water everywhere.  Lastly, baby’s first words sound like goo-goo.  Throw jungle, Jacuzzi and goo-goo into the blender and you get Jahgoo!

Jahgoo was founded by a dad of three, Hans Pompen, whose experience of being a parent drives much of what he does.  He didn’t want his bathroom to be clogged with outdated, space-hogging eyesores, crying out for a redesign.

“As a parent, you simply seem to tolerate all of those primary colors and blocky shapes around the house,” said Pompen.  “Jahgoo was born out of my desire to create highly functional, hip, design-conscious baby gear at a very affordable price.”

The Jahgoo collection is not only fun and modern but it was created as a practical, design-conscious and price-sensitive solution that will keep bathroom décor looking great with its simple lines and smart design.

The Jahgoo collection comes in both lime and white and includes:

Step Stool-Modern and stable step stool with anti-slip surfaces to prevent sliding.  The extra tall stool is the perfect height for young children to reach a sink or to climb on a toilet.  The stool will be handy to keep on hand for use for years to come, as it easily holds even a 250 lb. man.  Recommended Retail: $14.99

  • Potty-This designer style potty makes potty training – if not a breeze, at least convenient and attractive in your home!  The Jahgoo potty is practical and ergonomically designed with removable easy to clean reservoir.  Its smaller size makes it perfect for travels or outings too. Recommended Retail: $9.99

3-in-1: Potty. Toilet Seat. StepStool-Features removable non-slip toilet seat reducer that fits perfectly on any toilet seat.  The stool can be used as a foot rest when sitting on the big toilet, or as a stand-alone step stool.  Recommended Retail: $29.99

Bath Support-Clever, stylish and comfortable bath support seat for baby to provide optimal bath support from birth to 6 months.  Recommended Retail: $14.99

Bath-The only bath that provides anti-slip from both the inside as well as the outside.  This tall bath is contoured and high, for less likely splash-overs and is equipped with soft grips for easy carrying as well as a plug for fast draining of the water.  Recommended Retail: $29.99

Jahgoo products are available now online and at leading specialty juvenile products stores nationwide


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