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Let’s Rock Elmo!!

Elmo has always been loved by kids and adults alike.  In September Hasbro  introduced  Let’s Rock Elmo to their collection.

Complete with a tambourine and drum set as well as a microphone for singing along, this awesome rocking Elmo shows off his rock and roll side, as he sports a black lightning bolt tee. He sings, dances and plays instruments while encouraging everyone to join in on the fun. Elmo even shows off his good manners, saying “please” and “thank you” – perfect for toddlers.

My son is 18 months old and he loves Let’s Rock Elmo – at first, I was concerned that it may be too complicated for my little man to play with, but boy was I wrong!  You simply choose which instrument you would like him to play, hand it to him, and he is ready to rock! Even my son is able to do it (although he does have a little trouble getting the tambourine on Elmo’s hand – this is more to do with my son being so young not a fault of the toy).  The other kids who tested Elmo were all able to use all instruments with ease.

Elmo sings 6 catchy and fun songs, from the kid’s classic “now I know my ABCs” to songs parents can relate to like “What I like about you” and “It takes two”.  Aside from singing Elmo has various other fun sayings while he reinforces kindness and respect. He will tell your children they played great music and thank them for their help. I love that while he sings, he opens his mouth to various widths making it realistic, he shakes his body, laughs and has fun. It’s almost as if the “real” TV Elmo is in your home!

What makes Let’s Rock Elmo stand apart from other toys on the market?  He’s interactive with Let’s Rock kid-size toys!   You can purchase additional Let’s Rock instruments such as the Cookie Monster Keyboard, Elmo Guitar or Grover Microphone.  Once each of these is turned on and placed in “Band Mode” they will sync with Elmo and he’ll sing along to the songs that you play on the instrument.  This was a huge hit with the kids but an even bigger hit with the adults – I’m not kidding when I say that there was a point in our testing period when a group of us (all adults) were all jammin’ with Elmo.

As a parent one of the things that drives me crazy about most new toys is that I have to remember to buy batteries for them or they are essentially useless – with Let’s Rock Elmo and the optional instruments I didn’t have to worry about this at all – they all come with batteries included – Thank you Playskool for thinking of us parents!

Available for $69.99 and designed for children 18 months and up the new Let’s Rock Elmo is a great addition to any Elmo lover’s collection.  He’s a great toy for both boys and girls and can easily be enjoyed by multiple children who can take turns playing the spare instrument while the others sing along and enjoy Elmo’s cool and wacky ways!  His songs and the way he grooves are really fun, and kids are sure to enjoy him whether they are familiar with Elmo or not.  So if you are looking for a super cute, interactive toy, that will make your kid join along with the singing and dancing fun, then Let’s Rock! Elmo is sure to tick all the boxes!

WIN IT!! Hasbro is offering one (1) Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to win a Let’s Rock ELMO of their own!

Congratulations to our winner: Vashti

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