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Introducing Sheryl Crow’s New Adoptive Son Wyatt

In her first interview and photo shoot as a brand-new mom, the singer opens up about spending the past three weeks holed up in her Los Angeles mansion with her just-adopted newborn son, Wyatt.

“The day he came home (on April 30), I felt like the whole house had changed. The house felt fuller,” Crow tells OK! magazine, on stands Friday. “You just feel like nesting and making sure he’s acclimated to the world. It is all so fascinating.”

The Missouri native, who went through a closed, out-of-state adoption and had Wyatt within 24 hours of his birth, says her parents and a “wonderful baby nurse” have been in the house to help out.

“My mom would hand him to me and say, ‘Here’s your mommy.’ It was really poignant (and very startling) to hear my mom call me Mommy,” Crow says. “It took me a while to get used to it.”

Also lending motherly advice: friends, including “Earth Mother types” actress Laura Dern, who has two kids, ages 2 and 5, and volleyball star Gabby Reece, who has a 3-year-old. Crow says they “are really dialed in to how to raise a baby organically and holistically.”

The singer outlines some fairly concrete plans on raising Wyatt. For one, his primary residence will be with Crow in her Nashville home — not L.A. — and he will go to school in Tennessee. She expects “a whole troop” of brothers and sisters to eventually join Wyatt.

A husband/father is a definite maybe. Crow, 45, says she doesn’t “feel any pressure to get married.” She confesses there is a “somebody” (who is not in the business) in her life, “but I’m not walking down the aisle.”

When she does, Wyatt will be the “deciding factor.”

Her next album is nearly finished, and she hopes to hit the road with a tour in February that will include Wyatt, a nanny and mutts Oscar and Lucy.

But for now, she’s content as a housebound mom savoring the precious moments. Her favorite: “Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing him next to me and realizing, ‘Oh, he’s still here! How fantastic! It’s not a dream.’ “

Sheryl and Wyatt’s OK! cover story hits newsstands on Friday.



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