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Irish Sperm Bank Gets Creative!!

In an attempt to increase donations, an Irish sperm bank is offering ordinary, physically healthy men, aged between 18-50 years concert tickets for any major music festival in Europe.

I guess Irish men love to go concerts because the site posted this message:

Applications for donation packs have far exceed the expectations. Our clients are calling a halt to the invitation to apply for packs, and will review the results of the scheme to decide on how to proceed.

The cool part is that these guys didn’t even have to go in, in person. ‘Donations’ packs could be mailed for convenience… VIA MOMLOGIC


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  • I was a donor for years. I can’t believe theyvare having trouble getting donors. For me it was spreading my bloodline around. I figure half the lesbian picnics have my offspring dominating them.

    I’ve seen photos of lesbian gatherings and have no trouble spotting those children i’ve sired. I once said. Tell me when I go over 100 kids. The nurse said “That happened a long time ago”.

    I figure I have 300 mini me’s out there.

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