Baby Smiles

Is it Gas or A Smile?

For the last couple of days my new guy has been smiling at me when were relaxing on the couch.

If I mention it to someone they always say that he is too young to smile and that it’s probably just gas. But is it?

Babies have been found to smile at birth, or even sooner — ultrasounds have actually spotted upside-down frowns on babies in the last trimester of pregnancy.

What is not know is why they do it so early on.

“Some research shows that they smile most often as they’re falling asleep and waking up,” says Alan Fogel, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and author of Infancy: Infant, Family and Society. “Those times are probably inherently pleasurable for babies, and their good feelings seem to create a smile.”

Even though I know it’s not a ‘social smile'( a full smile that is prompted by something you do) it is nice to know that my guy is smiling because something makes him happy. SOURCE


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