Is It Ok For A Pregnant Bride To Wear White?

Some people go crazy when you challenge tradition – especially when a sacred event like a wedding is involved.

The has a great article about pregnant brides ignoring the ‘white-out gown rule’ and walking down the aisle in white. owner-designer Jessica Iverson weighed in saying,

“White has been the most popular color at the shop since the online boutique opened three years ago, accounting for about half of all maternity wedding dress sales.”

It takes a strong woman to show up at her nuptials pregnant and wearing white. She’s bound to face criticism.

Wearing white on your wedding day is believed to symbolize purity and virginity.

In the 50th-anniversary edition of “The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette,” first published in 1952, authors Nancy Tuckerman and Nancy Dunnan wrote that a pregnant bride “must not … walk up the aisle in a traditional wedding dress … if her pregnancy will be very apparent. To do so is quite poor taste, considering her condition, and would probably be interpreted as an act of defiance or rebellion on her part. If the wedding is planned for so far in the future, it’s certain she’ll be noticeably pregnant, she and her fiancé can cancel their original plans in favor of a smaller, less formal wedding at an earlier date. She may still wear a long dress if she wants to, although a pale color would be more appropriate than all white.”

With that being said, if you are only allowing pure women to wear white, it may be a while before we see one glide down the aisle.

According to bridal-industry surveys, more than half of brides live with the groom before marriage, and a similar percentage are pregnant when they tie the knot.

Would you care if the bride at a wedding you were attending was pregnant and wearing white?



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