Is it Possible To Potty Train A Toddler in 1 Day?

Every parent knows that one of the toughest parenting feats is potty training. Many would tell you that it takes a couple of weeks to teach their toddler how to master the toilet and to get them in the rhythm of going to the bathroom on their own.

A registered nurse in Chicago, Wendy Sweeney, has a claim that will astonish impatient parents of toddlers everywhere.

Give her five hours, she says, and she’ll give you a potty-trained toddler, with an accuracy rate of 98%.

How does she do it?

“Never ask if they have to go,” she said. “If you ask them if they have to go potty, then you are the one who is in charge of their body. We’re trying to transfer that responsibility over to them. So we just tell them if you have to go potty, go in the potty.”

“In order to set them up to succeed, just make sure that you’re setting aside that time and make sure you remember that it’s not about you,” Wendy said. “The child needs to be confident themselves, so once they begin to take responsibility for their body, they’ll be proud of themselves and then continue that behavior. So give them all the tools they need to succeed. Tell them exactly what they need to know.”

“Tell them if you have to go to the bathroom, walk over to the potty, pull your pants down and go potty in the potty,” she says, “Tell them that they need to listen to their body and when they need to go, it’s their job to go over there.”


Toddlers have to be at least 2½ years old to take the training, because that is when they are able to understand simple commands and to control their own bodies.

Tricks: load the kids up on salty snacks and sugary drinks

“It is only for a short duration. It is not a diet that I recommend,” Wendy told The Today’s Show Curry. “The salty snacks make the kids more thirsty, so they drink more. It also draws water into the bowel and that softens the stool, and it helps prevent the constipation when the kids get nervous and want to start holding. The sugary drinks never quench their thirst, so they end up drinking more, and that gives them more opportunities to go to the bathroom in that short period of time.”

To date, Wendy says she’s graduated nearly 500 kids. For more info please visit her site: SOURCE


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