Japanese Toy Maker To Introduce A Doll The Cries When It’s Injected

Filed under OMG, a Japanese toymaker is set to introduce a doll that cries tears when it is injected with a syringe.

The Mirror has reported that water ‘tears’ pour from baby doll Yume-chan’s eyes when she is given a needle in her arm.

Yes you read that right.  This is not a joke.  The bizarre doll, which was created by Tomy, was demonstrated at a toy exhibition in Tokyo yesterday.  I cannot think of any time when this doll would be appropriate.

‘Hey kids we’re going to get our shots tomorrow.  Here is what you are going to do when the nurse puts the needle in your arm.’

Weird. weird. WEIRD.  But if you want one Tomy plans to put the doll on the market in June.

It freaks me out just watching this woman, who is dressed as a nurse, smile while she’s injecting water into the crying baby’s arm.


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  • I freaks me out that anyone would want to drag their kids to the doctor and inject them with poison and tourture them with needle jabs that will send their bodies into a tailspin that results in life long negative consequences for their entire lives…. this doll makes a great statement in my opinion 🙂

  • Prepare kids for the extremely bloated, out of control vaccine schedule…Get them to see how to take it and shut up? This is so disturbing….on so many levels…..and the doll…Looks like Chucky! totally freaking scary, to begin with….and the tears…….Hope this toy is a major flop! It is a bad idea….

  • This may well be influenced by vaccine promoters. It attempts to relay the message that crying and tears are normal when kids get jabbed and that we should smile, just like the nurse. Personally I find it disgusting.

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